Interview mit den ersten Shopware-Developern von Shopmacher in Vietnam

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Shopmacher in Vietnam

Cuong Chung and Chi Hieu Vo (von links) von der Agentur SHOPMACHER sind die ersten zertifizierten Shopware-Developer in Vietnam.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: Can you tell us, who you are, where you live and what exactly your profession is, how did you come to “Shopmacher”? ­­

We are Cuong Chung and Chi Hieu Vo, we both live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and we are professional software developers. We have been working on behalf of SHOPMACHER for more than a year now. SHOPMACHER was looking for additional developer resources here in Vietnam, and, what could we say? Here we are and we are glad to be members of the SHOPMACHER-team.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: And who came up with the idea of doing the Shopware Academy Certification?
Manuel Ludvigsen-Diekmann, our Chief Technology Officer, came up with this idea and recommendation. And we were absolutely happy to take this opportunity and face the challenge. And, as you know, we’ve made it. A big “thank you” to our SHOPMACHER-colleagues and to the Shopware-academy as well.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: As “SHOPMACHER” you work especially on enterprise ­projects. Where are your clients from?
Being a part of the SHOPMACHER-team we work and develop software for SHOPMACHER-clients based in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. These countries are far away, but the the language of software development is global – no problem at all.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: Do you think Shopware can keep up in the competition with other, international, Shopsystems?
From our point of view Shopware is a very powerful, flexible, competitive and ready-for-the-future eCommerce-platform. We strongly believe, the Shopware-system has every chance to even grow in market share in the near future. That is why we are so happy to be certified Shopware-developers now.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: What do you think about the new Shopware certification module in the English language? And what can you do with the certification now (especially in Vietnam)?
The Shopware certification module in the English language is clear, easy to understand and helpful for any candidate going for the valuable certificate. It attracts more users/developers outside of Germany to come, try and developing new features, plugins for Shopware. The course is easy and took us around seven days to learn, practice and get familiar with Shopware.
Unfortunately, Shopware is not popular in Vietnam today. But we do hope and believe Shopware will be growing on a global scale and the Shopware community will become bigger and bigger. As we said earlier on, Shopware is a powerful and flexible e­Commerce-platform with all the opportunities to be successful in Vietnam as eCommerce will further grow in our home-country as well.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: Do you think there will be more and more certified Shopware­Developers in Vietnam in the future? Do you think that there could be some kind of “Shopware­Hype” in Vietnam?
Well, we cannot really predict this. But, Vietnam is one of biggest software outsourcing markets in the world. The Vietnamese developers are, if we may say so, very smart and quick in learning new technologies meeting the market’s needs. For the time being, we are very proud to be part of the SHOPMACHER-team now being Shopware-certified developers.

ShopDNS-Redaktion: Thank you very much for your time and for your effort. 

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